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eLearning Portfolio

Please click on the preview image of each item to review the completed project. 


Training Course - Amazon

The MEDIC team's SOP completed (see above), the team further needed help with building training material. 

I developed a full eLearning course for trainees to complete in their onboarding. Built in Articulate Rise, the course contains three sections: one to introduce the goals and expectations of MEDIC, one to provide an overview of the evaluation process, and a knowledge check. Associates were expected to pass the knowledge check with an 80% to complete the training. Implementation of this training to new associates increased the average auditing scores by ~10% and increase in productivity (completed work) by ~20% in a quarter.

eLearning Course

In the ongoing project to improve the learning experience for the OnCore CTMS users, I developed a series of eLearning courses using preexisting documentation and work instructions. This is the introductory course of a multi-part series, covering documentation, financial management, and protocol management for Clinical Trial Study Teams. Please note that a section of this curriculum is removed per HIPAA standardization, to maintain a high level of safety and security for the users of this program.

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