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Training Course - Amazon

The MEDIC team's SOP completed (see above), the team further needed help with building training material. 

I developed a full eLearning course for trainees to complete in their onboarding. Built in Articulate Rise, the course contains three sections: one to introduce the goals and expectations of MEDIC, one to provide an overview of the evaluation process, and a knowledge check. Associates were expected to pass the knowledge check with an 80% to complete the training. Implementation of this training to new associates increased the average auditing scores by ~10% and increase in productivity (completed work) by ~20% in a quarter.

eLearning Course

In the ongoing project to improve the learning experience for the OnCore CTMS users, I developed a series of eLearning courses using preexisting documentation and work instructions. This is the introductory course of a multi-part series, covering documentation, financial management, and protocol management for Clinical Trial Study Teams. Please note that a section of this curriculum is removed per HIPAA standardization, to maintain a high level of safety and security for the users of this program.

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Writing Samples

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Developer Guide

With Visa, I created the Online Bank Transfer guide for merchants. To do this, I utilized DITA in Oxygen XML Editor to ensure a structured, modular, and comprehensive documentation process. The guide aims to assist merchants in seamlessly integrating Online Bank Transfer services for their customers. The guide includes step-by-step workflows and provides API documentation for two different processor options, enabling merchants to choose the best fit for their needs. Through this meticulous documentation, the guide empowers merchants to deliver a smooth and efficient payment experience for their customers.

By using DITA, the guide benefits from seamless content reuse, consistency, and scalability, making updates and maintenance efficient. 


The Amazon Support Ops MEDIC team required a full restructure of their Standard Operating Procedures and training program. This team is responsible for auditing work submitted by warehouse and corporate associates.

The first step was to survey the team's customers. Feedback from associates indicated that the main concern was MEDIC's unpredictable auditing practices that did not align with training material. An average of 40% of the surveyed associates expressed that the erratic feedback stopped them from reading their communications altogether.
After some training and gathering of current team documentation, I rewrote their SOP to provide exact, step-by-step guidance and restructured the information for accessibility.

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Work Instructions

Provided is a sample of one of the Work Instruction documents I wrote for the Clinical Trials Management System team that supports Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, University of Washington, and Seattle Children's Hospital. A small part of a large Learning Management System, this is an introductory workflow for users to follow when uploading clinical documentation to their tracking service.


At the start of my career with Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, a program was introduced that allowed for customers to auto-populate financial data from an outside tool. In the lifecycle of this launch, I collaborated with the Project Manager closely to maintain an up-to-date web page and FAQ for the new process. 

As this is a public website with potentially private information, it is imperative to be mindful not to share too much on the page, but allow users the tools to answer their own questions.

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QA Introduction Doc

When responsible for auditing the quality of team members' work and providing feedback, it is imperative to create a foundation of trust and set clear expectations. For each team, I wrote an associate-facing document to be paired with the SOP, outlining the goals, tools, and processes for the Quality Assurance team. Not only does this allow for alignment of expectations for associates, it also creates a standardization for the Quality Assurance team members to adhere to. 

QA Tool Proposal

In 2021, I led the initiation of a Quality Assurance team for a fraud investigation department. The managers for these investigators had agreed upon a format for their QA tool before we began auditing. After a month of using that tool, I wrote a proposal for changes to provide more accurate markdowns, decreasing penalties for small misses while prioritizing areas that are a larger impact on associates' research findings. The tool change was implemented, resulting in an accuracy score increase of 91.8%
to 99.1% in 14 weeks.


Graphic & Web Design

In partnership with the Clinical Trials Management Systems (CTMS) team of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center and University of Washington, I built training materials for Study Teams to use while entering clinical trial protocol information in the CTMS program, OnCore. To support the educational materials and documentation created, I developed and published numerous infographics for quick reference utilizing the preexisting color palette for the help desk team.

Graphic Design - CTMS

Graphic Design - ART

As a personal project, I volunteered my time and expertise to create social media posts for various events and announcements for At The Ridge Theatre (ART) in Kent, WA. ART is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing arts education and scholarships to underprivileged and underrepresented individuals in their community.

Over a course of many years, I have assisted this program with web design, photography, video editing, and social media marketing.

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Tips & Tricks Newsletter

This is a publication of the bi-weekly Tips & Tricks newsletter that I managed and published for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center CTMS team. It provided updates, reminders, and hints on using the Clinical Trials Management System online software to it's greatest extent. 

In collaboration with cross-organization teams, this newsletter was received by over 1300 readers every other week.

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